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your Perception


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To make well-being and health

efficient, easy and inclusive,

... we develop an artificial intelligence driven methodology
to assess and train 
individual differences in perception.


A different approach

using the latest science of 

predictive processing and active inference 

Groundbreaking research suggests, the brain operates like a prediction machine, using past experiences, memories, thoughts and feelings along with sensory data received via the body to actively construct the perception of our body and the world.


This has significant implications for our lives, health, and society. For example, the subjective experience of chronic symptoms or pain is shown to involve unconscious predictions, reflecting more about individuals experiences, expectations and attention patterns than objective physiological dysfunction. This relationship often breaks down entirely in the case of “medically unexplained” symptoms (MUS), violating the basic assumption in medicine that physical symptoms have physiological causes. The current disease model struggles to accommodate MUS and the economic burden is huge:

$256 billion annual medical costs attributed to MUS in the US.

10% of the UK's National Health Service Budget allocated to MUS.

42 million work days lost each year in the UK due to MUS.

$19,000 estimated productivity loss per patient affected by MUS.

Amalie works on developing a technology-driven methodology to quantify and train individual differences and malfunctions in perception.


Such a solution could help understand and treat individuals symptoms at their root cause, discern the wide range of cognitive profiles and tailor new and effective medical interventions, as well as learning and work environments to individual needs.

It could further eliminate the firm distinction between mental and physical health, advance the science of consciousness and drive innovation in healthcare, human and artificial intelligence, businesses, and society as a whole.

"My methods are really methods of working and thinking.

This is why they have crept in everywhere anonymously"

Amalie Emmy Noether


A Team of Mathematicians, interdisciplinary Scientists and Entrepreneurs gathered together for a common Vision: To advance the science of consciousness and create a better world for all living beings and our planet with the use of data and technology.

Patricia Craja


A creative and free spirit by heart, Patricia is passionate about quantifying human perception. Her early personal experiences with stress and illness are the fuel behind her mission. Prior to founding Amalie, Patricia pursued classical research and worked as a Data and Machine Learning Scientist at big corporates such as Daimler, Google, Boehringer Ingelheim and various Berlin startups, combing her multifaceted, energetic and inventive spirit. She holds a Bachelor in Mathematics and a Master in Statistics, from the Technical and the Humboldt University of Berlin. Her unique combination of intellectual curiosity, emotional intelligence and high sensitivity allows her to approach the complex problems of consciousness with creativity, precision and understanding.

Jan Saputra Müller

Research & Technological Development 

Starting to code at the age of 8, Jan is a deep and sensitive techie who lives and breathes technology and science. He is fascinated with understanding differences between machine and human intelligence.  A Bayesian Thinker at heart, he implemented his own Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) algorithm for bayesian inference and reasoning.  Jan co-founded and served as CTO for several machine learning companies and holds a Master in Mathematics from the Technical University of Berlin, where he was part of the university's renown Machine Learning Group. Jan enjoys going for long walks on a daily basis to contemplate and get inspired.

Rosanna Littooij

Marketing & Business Development 

A specialist in Communication & Marketing and a deeply passionate Yoga Teacher, Rosanna is on a mission to improve employee wellbeing and working life.  With a track record of 8+ years of experience  working in the corporate world for Google and Zalando, Rosanna acquired valuable organisational and business skills and combines the dynamic and diverse spirit of the big tech culture. She holds a Master in Business & Communication from the Erasmus University Rotterdam and is fluent in four languages. When Rosanna is not on her Yoga Mat, she enjoys travelling and exploring new places and cultures. 

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