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How You See
the World


Let us assess how your Mind uses sense data to reason and perceive the world. 


To improve Self-Awareness, Well-Being and Health

 ... we assess and train how Humans reason with their

Minds and Bodies. 


A different Approach

using the latest Science of Embodied Cognition and Predictive Processing.

Exponentially growing research shows, the brain operates like a multi-layer bayesian prediction machine using a stream of sense data (from outside and inside the body) to predict and actively construct how we perceive and experience our internal and external world.  Thereby, the ability to accurately sense the big data of the body, known as our interoception, is fundamental in maintaining physiological and psychological stability. Moreover, training interoception has been shown to effectively improve mental and physical well-being, cognition and decision making. 

Amalie provides personalised insights and assessment of individual's differences in interoceptive awareness and reasoning about the world for effective guidance towards optimal functioning and regulation of people's mind and bodies.

"My methods are really methods of working and thinking;

this is why they have crept in everywhere anonymously"

Amalie Emmy Noether


A Team of Mathematicians, interdisciplinary Scientists and Entrepreneurs gathered together for a common Mission: to quantify the underlying Dynamics of the Mind & Body Interaction and advance the science of Consiousness.

Patricia Craja

Founder & CEO

A scientist, entrepreneur, and long-term meditation practitioner at heart, Patricia is passionate about using data and technology to unravel the mysteries of human perception and consciousness. She is a detail oriented analytical thinker who loves exploring her inner, subconscious world of dreams and intuition.  Prior to founding Amalie, she worked as a Data Science and Machine Learning Consultant and held positions at big corporates such as Daimler, Google, Boehringer Ingelheim and various Berlin startups. Patricia holds a Bachelor in Mathematics and a Master in Statistics, from the Technical and the Humboldt University of Berlin. She is fluent in four languages and enjoys hiking and being in nature.

Jan Saputra Müller

Technology Manager & Researcher 

Starting to code at the age of 8, Jan is a deep and sensitive techie who lives and breathes technology and science. He is fascinated with understanding differences between machine and human intelligence.  A Bayesian Thinker at heart, he implemented his own Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) algorithm for bayesian inference and reasoning.  Jan co-founded and served as CTO for several machine learning companies and holds a Master in Mathematics from the Technical University of Berlin, where he was part of the university's renown Machine Learning Group. Jan enjoys going for long walks on a daily basis to contemplate and get inspired.

Rosanna Littooij

Business Development & Marketing Manager

A specialist in Communication & Marketing and a deeply passionate Yoga Teacher, Rosanna is on a mission to improve employee wellbeing and working life.  With a track record of 8+ years of experience  working in the corporate world for Google and Zalando, Rosanna acquired valuable organisational and business skills and combines the dynamic and diverse spirit of the big tech culture. She holds a Master in Business & Communication from the Erasmus University Rotterdam and is fluent in four languages. When Rosanna is not on her Yoga Mat, she enjoys travelling and exploring new places and cultures. 

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